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I wanna let you know, I just tried those Simple Welding Rods, and man - they work great. I did the aluminum can test and, I couldn't believe it, I was flabbergasted. Awesome!

Jimmie M.


Tried the (Simple) Welding Rods, they work excellent. Learning curve is very quick. I'm gonna be a repeat purchaser, and consistently use these.

Michael M.


Very impressed. The Simple Welding Rods, and a LP torch were all I needed to repair an aluminum handle on my boat. Saved me some cash, and I still have almost a full pack to go.

Christopher C.


Thanks for the great product!

I almost gave up at start, but then I recalled that the area must be cleaned with a stainless steel brush. I only had some sand-paper on hand, but it did the trick. Those things can really save the day.

Mark K.


I just received my product! It took less than a week to arrive at my door. I am very happy with the quality and overall design of the rods. I plan to use them for many different things. Including wheel repair, intake piping, and aluminum exhaust work.

Caleb K.


Flows really easy. Learn to fill holes and gaps in about 3 rods time

David M.


I was a skeptic at first, but decided to give it a try. I couldn't believe it really melts as easy as advertised. After it cooled down I strength tested it, and once again I was surprised. This thing is really, and I mean really strong. I now always keep some on hand.

Tasi C.


Used these to fill in the turbo muffler on my Honda. I had tried similar rods from other companies before and none of them worked. All the previous rods from other companies were hard to melt and the joins were soft! Was my first time trying Simple Solution Now’s rods and once I got the aluminum up to temp these melted easily and filled in the hole perfectly! Once cooled it was harder than the original aluminum. Worked perfectly! Exactly as described. I Highly recommend Simple Solution Now to anybody looking for an easy way to weld. I will definitely be buying more of these!

Victor N.


I just fixed a small hole in a bedside (non structural) of a truck. I needed to patch it with a small square (2" x 2") before using body filler to cover it.

Garrett W.


Thanks for such a great product. Simple Welding Rods are really a simple solution to a lot of my everyday tasks.

James G.

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